Angeles Workshop School Founders

Scott Stubbe and Ndindi Kitonga PhD.

photo by student Josie F.

photo by student Josie F.

Angeles Workshop School is a progressive private middle and high school for students seeking an authentic education that goes beyond the conventional. We are a small school environment where learners grow through real-world experience and application, informed by a deep love and respect for themselves, each other, and the greater community as a whole.

Angeles Workshop School provides an experiential, humanistic education-inspired program that forgoes many of the trappings of traditional school  in exchange for true ownership of the learning process: choice and control are responsibly shared with all learners, and students self-evaluate in order to best understand and value their individual learning processes. Our learners' experiences go far beyond the walls of the classroom, expanding their educational and social interactions.

​Angeles Workshop School believes that the cognitive and the affective are indivisible-- simply put, a learner's feelings and concerns, as well as their interests, are wholly tied into how effectively they think and learn. This is why we design and adapt our curricula around our learners, finding effective alternatives to standard assignments and tests.

​Within this exciting approach, our teachers maintain a dynamic curriculum rich with avenues for rigorous inquiry, built around challenging content and skillsets that prepare learners for real success in higher education, the workplace, and our ever-changing world.


Education at Angeles Workshop School is a hybrid of two types of education:

Guided Sessions are similar to traditional classes insofar as a teacher leads the interaction with content and ideas. During Guided Sessions, the teacher provides challenging, content-rich plans and activities for learning, with a focus on higher-order thinking as defined in Bloom's Taxonomy. 

Students have a great amount of input regarding the selection of content and nature of activities during Guided Sessions. This stems from our firm belief in interest-based education, and the proven understanding that one learns better when one enjoys what and how one is learning.

Action Sessions are the part of the day in which students are free to pursue topics and activities of their choosing, while the teacher steps

back, adopting the role of a resource to facilitate the learning process.

Often students will continue to explore during Action Sessions what they were introduced to in Guided Sessions, delving deeper into a facet of a subject that sparks their particular interest. Likewise, upcoming Guided Sessions may be shaped by what students independently discovered during previous Action Sessions.