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Angeles Workshop School could very well be the largest little school in the world. While our storefront facility offers a range of spaces and materials needed for more conventional classroom activities, it is also what lies just outside our front door that further magnifies our students' freedom and opportunities. 

Angeles Workshop School is pioneering the concept of "city-as-classroom", using the endless educational and urban experiential opportunities available in our city to their full potential by "taking our campus with us" through weekly citywide field trips.


On-site Days and Field Days 

Typically, four days a week are on-site days, and at least one day we spend largely  "in the field": working, studying, exploring and interacting with the city and its endless civic, cultural and natural environs.

On-site Days are an immersive educational experience, with countless hands-on applications across the curricula, play and interest-based activities, and a focus on our small school community and how our interactions impact and support our co-learners.

Field Days include all types of excursions, but can be narrowed to two types: Park Days and City Days.

Park Days start with a vigorous walk to one of our nearby parks, where both guided and facilitated sessions happen, with a focus on physical activity. This may be anything from yoga to basketball to filming an action movie.

Los Angeles has always been a premiere world city, but these days the civic energy is simply tremendous. On City Days​, the Workshop really takes advantage of its "adopted campus"-- our great city. After just a three minute walk to the new Expo Palms Station, we explore and engage with the full range of what Los Angeles has to offer. Whether we are launching model rockets next to the Space Shuttle at Exposition Park for our Physics lesson, taking notes and photos at the Downtown Art Walk for a presentation, or ordering paletas in Spanish from a local street vendor, Workshop students take advantage of our city's civic revival to maximum educational effect.