Monday: PARK LUNCH: Bought our lunches and snacks for the week during our weekly visit to Trader Joe's, then read Boccaccio on the lawn.

Tuesday: Studied Game Theory, and mathematical models of human interaction with Experts and Enthusiaststeacher Dr. Bhaskar Krishnamachari.

Wednesday: Walked a block to the local church's parish hall and made meals for their AIDS Lunch Project, studied Practical Spanish.

Thursday: ​CITY DAY: Took the Expo line to Exposition Park and gathered data at the Space Shuttle Endeavour exhibit for use in a Calculus  project at the park's big field calculating the arc lengths of the ball in a game of three flies up

Friday: ​Walked two blocks down the street to The Museum of Jurassic Technology to study its exhibit on Athanasius Kircher, then compared him to

Da Vinci and other thinkers from the Renaissance, The Islamic Golden Age, and The Enlightenment as part of our Social Studies unit on polymaths and society


Monday: Calculated tax and grams of sugar per serving size on our weekly lunchtime walks to Trader Joe's and Sprouts.

Tuesday: Designed and played a board game based on Practical Economics to reinforce our Math skills as they apply to real life.

Wednesday: After reading from SE Hinton's The Outsiders​, continued the outreach portion of our unit on Itinerant Youth by writing emails soliciting clothing donations for homeless youth.

Thursday: CITY DAY: Took the Expo line downtown where we studied immigrant contributions to Early Los Angeles at the Museum of Social Justice on Olvera St., then translated live music lyrics from Spanish-language mariachi performers in the plaza

Friday: Worked with a USC  professor of Electrical Engineering during Science class as part of our Experts and Enthusiasts series

There really are no "typical" days at Angeles Workshop School, but the schedules and descriptions here offer a look into some ways students at our school can structure their school day.

Our schedule is arranged around our practice of Guided Learning and Facilitated Learning, and is full of exciting opportunities.