​Inclusion Policy  written by Conor Hopkins and Prince Jones, high school students at Angeles Workshop School, Class of 2016 and 2017

We here at Angeles Workshop School welcome, value, and support people of all races, colors, sexual orientations, gender identities, disabilities, sexes, religions, and national origins documented and undocumented.

Furthermore, our educational practices are highly invested in addressing the significance of diverse peoples, working towards togetherness for all, and fostering an egalitarian multiculturalism where all types of people can achieve self-actualization.  

Simply put, acceptance for all learners is our top priority

​photo by student Josie F.

Application Fee

(non-refundable, due with application) ​$50


Full Tuition: from $500 to $1900 per month.

Homeschool Hybrid Tuition

Pro-rated according to schedule. 


In keeping with our philosophy, Angeles Workshop School seeks to create and sustain a community that echoes our city’s socio-economic diversity. We accomplish this in two ways:

1. We are committed to providing financial aid to families who otherwise could not afford an independent school education. To the extent that our budget permits, tuition reduction is available to families who are able to establish financial need through our application process.

Ceiling Tuition is $19,000 per year.
Base Tuition is $5000 per year.

Generally speaking, tuition price is calculated on a sliding scale starting at about 10% of a family's gross yearly income. 

2. Our ceiling tuition is approximately half of what most local private schools ask. 

With tuition, every learner receives:

- Small class size, with a 1-10 teacher-student ratio

- Weekly community-based field trips

- Experts and Enthusiasts Seminars

- Challenging, Interest-based Education in all major subject areas, blended with wide range of expressive disciplines such as Film, Art, and Game-based Education

Furthermore, our school encourages sibling attendance with reduced tuition rates for additional siblings enrolled at Angeles Workshop School.